Thursday, April 26, 2007

The following paintings are pretty much in chronological order,starting with the most recent completed work to the oldest. This work is all from this semester, and I will only be posting work done since the beginning of Spring 2007.

Maxamillion, 40"x48", Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

Combine, 44.5"x48", Acrylic, pastel, and cut paper on panel. 2007.

Untitled, 9.5"x9.5", Acrylic, pastel and cut paper on panel. 2007.

Moiese...or was it Moiese? 24" x 24", Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

Untitled, 17.5"x17.5, Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

I Miss My Grandma You Son of a Bitch, 30"x 30"x , Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

1035 Trumbull Highway, 48"x40", acrylic and pastel on panel, 2006.
I thought I should start out with some information about myself for readers who may not know me in person. I am a senior painting major at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. I will have to update that in a month since I am graduating on May 25th. I am excited to get out of school and continue painting in my Beverly studio but without the stress of papers and exams. I also plan on continuing to show my work as well as doing any commissions that may come my way.

I work primarily with acrylic paint on masonite panel that I build myself, sometimes incorporating collage and dry medium such as pastel. Below is a copy of my artist statement explaining my intent and a bit of my process:

Through colorful, enthusiastic mark making I am exploring the complex relationships that happen when many disparate elements are placed on one surface. As a painter, the use of shape, line and material is essential in achieving intricacy in spatial relationships and surface quality. My recent paintings appear very graphic and decisive from a distance, but it is important that you move closer and discover the painterly qualities of the piece that I introduce in contrast to the more resolved elements of the paintings. I allow myself to approach these pieces as formal explorations and experimental. A piece can be resolved, but until it is achieving the complexity of the original goal, it is not completed.

My work is currently being shown as part of Montserrat's Annual Open House in the Montserrat Gallery as well as the Carol Schlosberg Memorial Gallery at 23 Essex Street, Beverly MA.

A larger body of my work will be on view in two places this summer.

The first show is titled "The Copley Edge" a juried offsite exhibition at the St. Botolph Club in Boston. This show opens June 6th and is up until the tentative date of September 17th. I am not sure the exact number of participants in this show, but there are a total of about twenty pieces included in it, three of which are mine. This show was juried by Camilo Alvarez of Samson Projects. "The Copley Edge"is a show organized though the Copley Society of Art on Newbury Street in Boston, where I recently showed two paintings in "The 18th Annual Student Exhibition". The opening for this show is June 6, at the club from 5:30-7:30.

The second show I will be included in this summer is at Clark Gallery, in Lincoln MA. About five of my pieces, ranging in size, will be on display from June 5th until July 31 with the work of eight other artists. The opening is Saturday June 9th, from 4-6pm.

So now that I have that out of the way I am going to get to the fun part of learning to upload some images. I hope you can make it to some of my upcoming shows, and as always, if you have any suggestions or comments you can avoid the hassle of joining blogspot by emailing me directly at Loving it.

Starting Out

Welcome to my Blog! This is going to serve as my temporary link to the online world. I am in the process of developing a website, but since computers are not my specialty, it is taking me a while. In the meantime, this page will be available for you to view my most current work as well as keep track of any shows I may be participating in. Enjoy! And if you have any suggestions, send them my way!