Sunday, October 7, 2007

A New Show!

Hi Everyone, again I apologize for the distance between new entries. I have taken a new job at Montserrat College of Art working as an Admissions Representative. It's a great job, but it is time consuming, I am traveling all over Massachusetts and spent all last week in Connecticut. Anyways, I do have a new show coming up. I had a painting accepted in to "Equinox," the Fall Member's show at the Copley Society of Art on Newbury Street in Boston. This is the third show that I have been accepted into that is affiliated with the Copley Society. The opening is October 18th , I won't be there because I will be traveling in Chicago, but I hope that you can make it! Below is the painting that I submitted, there are about thirty pieces in the show, with a wide variety of styles. You can get more information about the show at

Sharmi, Acrylic and pastel on panel. 28"x30". 2007.