Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What?

My head is SCATTERED! Here is a painting that I stopped working on about one month ago - does that mean it's finished? That's the question of my life. It feels...crowded. It began as a painting of what I imagined the Pacific Coast Highway would look and feel like. Unfortunately (or not)  I didn't finish it until after I had seen the PCH. So it became a big mash up of imagined and remembered elements of that big, beautiful seaside highway. I'm still reeling with ideas from my road trip. I am painting on a lot of canvases at a time to get all the ideas out...hopefully some clarity will come soon. But probably not. 

 The Imagined Pacific Coast, oil on canvas. 30" x 40". 


Also, this letter was introduced to me as a senior in college and I still have it printed out and floating around my house for me to find and read when it is most needed. Read it, it will do a body good.