Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Introducing..." The Opening

The opening for "Introducing..." the summer group show at the Clark Gallery was another great milestone for me. I consider this to be the "real deal" now that I am out of school and showing in a "real live gallery."

An installation shot of some of my pieces at the Clark Gallery,pictures of the pieces as well as the titles and sizes can be seen on previous posts.

The opening was great, despite the fact that I showed up forty minutes late (which I don't recommend doing) I had a great time. I have told other people that it was probably the most laid back opening I have been to, and I don't know if it is because I had been to the gallery a couple times before, or because I had such a great turn out of friends to support me or if I am just getting used to openings, and learning to enjoy them instead of being nervous the whole time.

The show as a whole looked fantastic, organized organic and repetitive form was consistant in the work and helped tie together the drawings, sculptures, jewelry and paintings from the nine participating artists. It was great to meet the other artists who all had different backgrounds and experiences. I was very happy with the placement of my work right in the front of the gallery intermingled with sculpture and jewelry.

Thank you to all who traveled out to Lincoln to support me during this opening, and to those who haven't yet gotten there, I hope you do!

I have already been back for a second visit and will probably return a few more times to really let it all sink in!

Mentioned in the Phoenix!

"Wilbur" by Michael LaFosse. An origami pig, currently on view at the Peabody Essex Museum, was the image that accompanied an article I was mentioned in as "an artist to watch."

Much to my surprise, on June 5th, I received two emails forwarding me a link to an article in the Boston Phoenix. Randi Hopkins, of the Allston Skirt Gallery in Boston had mentioned my name as well as Alyse Rosner's as "artist's to watch" in relation to the show "Introducing..." at the Clark Gallery. The article was located in the Arts section and was titled " Know When to Fold 'Em" since it was mainly speaking of the Origami show that is currently up at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem.

A very exciting plug for me I hope there are many more to come!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Saint Botolph Opening

I am going to preface this post with the fact that it is long overdue and that I still have two more posts coming after this one. Having a blog is like having a pet, you need to pay lots and lots of attention to it. I promise I will be better.
That being said, I have lots of exciting news that has happened in the past week and a half.

I finally had the long awaited openings of my two concurrent shows at the Saint Botolph Club in Boston, and the Clark Gallery in Lincoln.

The opening for the Saint Botolph show (which is actually two shows) was on June 6th, at the club. My friend Emily and I drove into Boston and met my Mom, Dad, and sister Katharine at the huge, converted double mansion, they call the Saint Botolph Club. The venue itself was beautiful, but the shows were very impressive.
My sister Katharine and Dad Lawrence, standing in front
of my pieces in the stairwell. (These three pieces
can be seen in a previous post with title, dimension
and medium)

The forty works in total were installed in a stairwell. The bottom part of the show was called "The Copley Masters" this consisted of work from artists who had earned the status of a Copley Master by exhibiting in a number of shows, and then winning major awards in them. This show was a bit more conservative with landscapes, figures and still lives.

As you climbed the stairs you came across "The Copley Edge" (the show that I was actually involved in.) These pieces were a bit "edgier" with more experimental technique, color, and scale. The relationship between the two shows was interesting, finding similarities and dissimilarities between the works of masters and emerging artists.

My sister Katharine, my mom, myself and my dad on the top floor of the show.

Camilo Alvarez of the Samson Projects and Suzan Redgate of the Copley Society made some very nice speeches about the show, Camilo's was more of an informal question and answer session. I had met Camilo at his gallery last First Friday, and have known Suzan since last February when I exhibited in the 18th Annual Student Exhibition.

I was flattered to find out, when I arrived at the show that I had been awarded Exceptional Merit, which is why I had three pieces chosen to be in the show.

I am glad my parents and sister were able to come to the opening and get yet another taste of the life I will be leading for the next however many years. However, after they left I continued to have a great time. Emily and I had signed up for the dinner after the reception and found ourselves a spot at a table in the main room, after being booted from our original spots (I guess they were saved) I sat next to a man named Geoffrey, who is both an Attorney at Law and a practicing artist. We had a great conversation during the dinner, both of us having very different ideas about the way art should be shown and marketed. Emily sat with a wonderful woman named Anita, and apparently, over the course of the meal " solved all of the world's problems."

After dinner, Emily and I were getting wary of a parking ticket and decided to head home. We stopped and talked to Camilo and Caroline Vokey, who is the Manager of the Copley Society and helped make the show a success as well as many others. And then we were on our way...and we ended up with a parking ticket.

The night was a success, and the show is up until mid- September so go check it out (you can see the show every Wednesday from 2-4 at the club, the website has directions.) The Clark opening post will be coming soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


To satisfy some people's curiosity about other shows I have been in as well as other projects I have been involved with, I am going to post my resume which I am now happy to say, has the letters "B.F.A" on it!

2007 Montserrat College of Art, B.F.A., painting, Dean’s Honors
2006 Studio Assistant for Thaddeus Beal

Solo Exhibitions

2006 “When I Wasn’t Working for Bob…” Paul M. Scott Library, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

Group Exhibitions
2007 “401” The Bear Gallery, Beverly, MA
2007 “Introducing…” Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA
2007 “The Copley Edge” St. Botolph Club, Boston, MA
2007 “Artrageous! 21” Juried live auction, Beverly, MA
2007 “The Small Works Show” The Bear Gallery, Beverly,MA
2007 “Say Farewell” The Bear Gallery, Beverly, MA
2007 The Bear Gallery, Grand Opening show, Beverly, MA
2007 “The Decorated Human Antler (with distant core layers…a la mode)” 301 Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA
2007 “18th Annual Student Exhibition” Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA
2006 “Blue” University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2006 “Find Your Place; the Art of Essex County” Castle Hill, Ipswich, MA
2006 “On the Cusp: Emerging Artists Exhibition”, the Boon Gallery, Salem, MA
2006 Regional BFA Exhibition, 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA
2006 “Viterbo” Carol Schlosberg Memorial Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

Curatorial Projects
2007 “The Small Works Show” The Bear Gallery, Beverly MA, co-curators: Katherine Romansky, Emily Pardoe

2007- Montserrat College of Art’s Graduation award in Painting
2007 – Montserrat College of Art’s Graduation award in Fine Arts
2007- Painting Merit Award
2007- 2nd Jurors Prize, Copley Society of Art’s 18th Annual Student Exhibition, Boston MA (juror: Kristin Dodge of
The Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston MA)
2006 -Carol Schlosberg Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship
2003-2007 -Montserrat College of Art Talent Award

“Hospital Teaches a Tough Art Lesson” The Beverly Citizen, February 22, 2007
“The Mail Project” Andy Curlowe, ed. 2006

2007-Private Collection, Martha’s Vineyard
2007- Beverly Hospital, Beverly, MA
2005/2006- Environmental League of Massachusetts Earth Night Gala Event installation and design team
2005- Sally Heller’s “Calamatrees and Other Works” construction and installation team member
2005 Private residence, Portsmouth, RI

New Work

Here are four paintings that I have recently completed, three of which will be on display at the Clark Gallery Summer Show as well as four other of my recent peices. I hope you can make it to the show and enjoy them in person!

Bradford, Stop Eating so Many Goddamn Jelly Beans. 30"x 30"
Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

Talking to Dad (October 17, 1985 - October 24, 1942). 36" x 40"
Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

Old Man Ziskie. 17" x 17" Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007

The Tailor. 22.5 " x 22.5 " Acrylic and pastel on panel. 2007