Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Introducing..." The Opening

The opening for "Introducing..." the summer group show at the Clark Gallery was another great milestone for me. I consider this to be the "real deal" now that I am out of school and showing in a "real live gallery."

An installation shot of some of my pieces at the Clark Gallery,pictures of the pieces as well as the titles and sizes can be seen on previous posts.

The opening was great, despite the fact that I showed up forty minutes late (which I don't recommend doing) I had a great time. I have told other people that it was probably the most laid back opening I have been to, and I don't know if it is because I had been to the gallery a couple times before, or because I had such a great turn out of friends to support me or if I am just getting used to openings, and learning to enjoy them instead of being nervous the whole time.

The show as a whole looked fantastic, organized organic and repetitive form was consistant in the work and helped tie together the drawings, sculptures, jewelry and paintings from the nine participating artists. It was great to meet the other artists who all had different backgrounds and experiences. I was very happy with the placement of my work right in the front of the gallery intermingled with sculpture and jewelry.

Thank you to all who traveled out to Lincoln to support me during this opening, and to those who haven't yet gotten there, I hope you do!

I have already been back for a second visit and will probably return a few more times to really let it all sink in!

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