Saturday, September 4, 2010

A New Painting

Oh hello there! I didn't see you come in.  Want to see something I've been working on that is finally complete?

This painting is titled The White Mountains: Remembered. A camping trip up to glorious New Hampshire inspired this guy. I haven't painted with oils since 2007 so it's been tough but fun slowly creeping back into it. It's so much different than pastel and acrylic and I'm just starting to find out how I work when things don't dry immediately. I'd love to hear your thoughts!  So, I'm continuing my slow decent in to madness but enjoying the ride. I have two other paintings in the works right'll see them soon enough my friends. 

This is also the painting that I chose to include in the First Faculty Exhibition at the Maud Morgan Art Center in Cambridge. What do you mean you forgot? I told you to put in on your calendars! 

So, as always, thanks for listening. Also, be sure to check out which I have been updating with relevant information about local artists, news and projects.