Monday, August 23, 2010

Maud Morgan Arts Faculty Show!

Hi Friends, 
As I mentioned in this past post I will be teaching three classes this coming Fall at the Maud Morgan Arts Center in Cambridge, MA.  I am very excited about this and will be teaching some awesome classes! As a faculty member one of my recent paintings will be included in the Faculty Exhibition.  I hope you will try and make it out! 

I'm flattered to have "made it" on the front of the postcard - although I most likely will be exhibiting a different (smaller) painting. So there you have it - go ahead and put it on your calendar right now while I'm watching. There you go. Now you won't forget! See you there! 


Miss Sara Santarsiero said...

Bea! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey humble blogger,
Nice radar, and fangs. The paper girl event sounds AWESOME! I love guerilla art! Also, many congrats on the new job and the Faculty Art Show! And the comingsoon Etsy page! Don't Etsy items sell better under $100?
You're artwork is priceless.