Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Drawing and Update

Hi All,
Below are two newly completed drawings, the first is titled Satellite Plateau and the second is title Titania's Upgrade (use to find out what this means!)
My drawings seem to be getting more and more dense with layers, colors and patterns, I need to be careful that space doesn't start to flatten out in some areas. With both of these drawings I got to the point that the paper would no longer accept any more pastel! I like when this happens because I get a different texture, it can also be frustrating to not have complete control over the drawing anymore (this also may be a good thing considering my tendency to take things a liiiittle too far sometimes...)

Satellite Plateau, 32" x32". Charcoal and pastel. 2009

Titania's Upgrade, 27" x 30". Charcoal and pastel. 2009

So that's how things are going in the studio. I have been dreaming of working three dimensionally, specifically installation, and have been working with torn paper to start fooling around with space in a more literal way. And that brings me to my new found love for artist Sarah Sze...oh Sarah. I loved her work so much online that I sprang for her $30.00 book. I haven't received it yet, but if the images below are indicative of anything, it will surely be a favorite.

Isn't she fantastic? Her ability to create and shift space is amazing. Her installations have such a direct connection with drawing I find it hard to look at images of her work as three dimensional sometimes. She is creating the depth that I want to create in my two dimensional it possible to achieve THAT type of space when working in pastel? It's been a goal at least two years now...I'm okay with it being a goal for a while (a lot) longer. I came across her when researching Graduate Programs (she is on the faculty at Columbia University in New York.)

In recent application news (which I feel I always have) I have officially mailed my entry form to the New Hampshire Institute of Art Biennial (
prospectus here), which I participated in two years ago, and....drum roll application to the Hambidge Center, the residency program in Georgia I have been drooling over for five months. I would be very excited to exhibit in the Biennial again this year, but would be overjoyed, ecstatic, comatose, if I were to be accepted to the Hambidge Center. I have posted about it before, but it seems like the total equation for happiness. Cottage/studio in the mountains of North Georgia + communal meals with other artists and writers x 3-8 weeks to contemplate and create = one happy blogger/artist/Bea! Keep your fingers crossed. I will for sure publish a post when I have heard back "via email notification within 5-6 weeks after the application deadline." I also am in the very beginning stages of applying for a grant...that's top secret right now as I develop the idea...

Alright all, it is a rainy day here in Beverly, and I am off to do rainy day activities...up next will be updates regarding the grant and of course new work. I will be "on the road" travelling for the next two weeks so drawings will be small, but I will be sure to keep you updated. Thanks for listening.