Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings from Tokyo!

Hi All,
Greetings from Tokyo! I arrived six days ago and have seen an incredible amount, almost all of the major spots in Tokyo, and then alot of the hidden gems. I am travelling alone so I can take my time and go wherever I want. My brother lives in Tokyo so I do always have a place to go back to which can be a tricky part of traveling. I do miss my studio but my brother had a spot all set up for me when I got here that I use as a painting area. My first day I walked around his neighborhood (Azabu Juban) and Roppongi Hills, in the last week I have also visited Asakusa with famous temples, Shibuya with a famous crosswalk that hundreds of people cross at a time, as well as places like the Tsukijui fish market (gross but awesome) and a huge beautiful garden that used to serve as a duck hunting pond and retreat for the royal families. I had tea in a teahouse that sat right on the water...Ulysses S. Grant visited there during his presidency to discuss "the state of the world"! and the only Parasite museum in the world. It's great! I also ate beef tongue last night!
More updates later, below is a picture of me in Kamakura. Enjoy!

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