Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hi All,
Below are two new drawings. I have been on the road as an Admissions Representative for Montserrat College of Art for the past month, so both of these drawings are smaller in scale due to hotel room life. The smaller scale did encourage me to work a bit quicker and I took more risks with my composition. I also am appying to a number of residencies, including a printshop program. I would love to see these drawings as lithographs. I am hoping to get into the printshop when I am at the Vermont Studio Center. I would appreciate any feedback. Enjoy!

Hotel Series #2 13"x10". Graphite on Bristol Board. 2008

Hotel Series #1 11"x 14". Graphite on Bristol Board. 2008

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Artists Notebook blog said...

Mr. B loves these drawings. I like the shifting scale of the shapes. Are they huge things or folds in cloth? I like the control of the blacks and greys. They invoke a feeling of color. The clear forms are satisfying to see. I like the fact that the space has objective reference.