Monday, December 22, 2008

Vermont Studio Center

Hello Everyone!
I have returned from my amazing month long residency at the Vermont Studio Center, an experience I will not soon (if ever) forget. I created some amazing friendships with the many interesting people I met, and learned alot about my own studio practice. This is a program that I would suggest to any artist who needs some solid studio time away from the everyday distractions of the world (bills, jobs, etc.) The campus and accomodations were beautiful, although it reached negative three degrees one day, the snow made everything picture perfect!

The most valuable part of this experience was becoming more in tune about my own creative development, something that I could not have realized with out the help of my new peers and the conversations I had with some of the visiting artists. I made a particular connection with sculpture/printmaker Ed Smith who spent over and hour with me in my studio, and painter Barbara Grossman. Both had a unique perspective that allowed me to look at my work in a new light.

I was spoiled with the size of my studio (about 300 square feet), the natural light, and the view of downtown and the mountain range from my window. Photos can not do the experience justice. If you have any questions about the program you can visit or ask me about my own experience!

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Ebenezer Archer Kling said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time. When are you going to post any of the new work you made? Merry Christmas bye the way.