Monday, June 1, 2009

Hi All,
I am happy to announce that two of my drawings have been juried into Small Works 09 an annual juried show hosted by The Experimental Art Gallery and Studio on Artist's Row in Salem, MA.

Untitled (From the Mental Vault Series) 5" x 7" Graphite on paper. 2009

I haven't worked this small for a while but have begun a series of drawings that are all around this size. Most of them are done with graphite, pastel and ink. I find it very freeing to work so small, I feel less precious than I do when working on bigger, nicer paper. I also like that I can do ten in one evening (even if only one works out...) I have posted some new work below, but also check my website,, to see more!

Hope all is well, I will post information about the Small Works '09 opening when it becomes available.

Untitled 6 (Terrarium) 4" x 5" Graphite, pastel and ink on bristol. 2009

Untitled 7 (Terrarium) 7" x 5" Graphite, pastel and ink on bristol. 2009

Untitled 2 (Terrarium) 5" x 7" Graphite, pastel and ink on bristol. 2009

These smaller pieces are for the most part all "Untitled" and numbered in correspondence to when they were created in the series titled Terrarium. I am creating these pieces as a way to build my visual vocabulary and have less of a specific personal attachment to them, which is what usually leads to the title of a piece. The subtitle Terrarium suggests my fascination with nature and my interest in alluding to landscapes and expansive spaces, while still dealing with the confines of reality.

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