Monday, June 7, 2010

Unloading the kiln.

Guess what? This is my 100th post! 
Below are photos from the much awaited Anagama Kiln Unloading -- this happened the final Saturday of my time at Hambidge so I only stayed for a short period of time since I wanted to be painting up until my final hour. This was a very collaborative and communal undertaking and if any of you have a chance to be a a part of an Anagama firing I would say to definitely, DEFINITELY, participate. If for no other reason than to drink beer at 2:00 in the morning next to a giant contained fire pit that is around twelve hundred degrees.  

So there you have it folks.  This was really cool to watch and some really awesome vessels were pulled out of the kiln. Some objects looked so much different than the artist expected that they didn't even recognize it as their own! Things also blew up and fused together forcing two artists to discuss who was the rightful owner of the piece! I won't be doing any more posts about my time at Hambidge, though I could do many, many more...and who knows, pictures from Hambidge might pop up now and again, but it is time to concentrate on the here and now. I am hoping to resume posting on a regular basis regarding the condition of my condition.  

Three cheers for you my friends, thanks for reading, and here's to another hundred more! 


Andrew Marathas said...

This is great!! GREAT!!!

It's amping me up for my next two months.

Also, go on more adventures.

J Dragon said...

Bea, The photos are great. Perhaps I'll be there some time when they are firing the kiln. Not sure I'll make the 2AM beer tho. I hope all's gone well since your return and thanks for looking at my blog. You inspired me.