Thursday, July 8, 2010

It Happened Once and it's Happening Again...


(sweet, sweet poster design by the one and only Brendan McCauley)

A hip-happening global project has found a home in the valley thanks to the fab people at Now.For.Art (I'd also like to add they are friends of mine...) So get up on it and contribute some work to this totally awesome, totally cool, totally bodacious project. Read more here...and here...and here (see! it's everywhere.)

**Also please do not misinterpret my lack of updates as my lack of progress or creation. On the contrary my dear friends - I have been making, seeing and doing a much that I haven't gotten to update the good ol' blog in what is going on three weeks. But trust your humble blogger...I'll be back. OH...I'll be back.**

...and hey, thanks for reading!