Monday, January 3, 2011

Just the Numbers

Thirty days
Twenty-six states
Two countries
Two coasts
Eight thousand miles (total including the Zephyr, buses and detours)
Sixty-seven hours in the car
Fifty-two hours on a train
Eleven hours on buses
Four time zones
Four cell phones (drama)
One lost credit card
Nineteen tanks of gas (Sorry Mama Nat)
Twenty blog posts (Twenty-one if you include this one)
Seventy-six pounds of luggage (including camping equipment)
One thousand five hundred and thirty four photos
Six videos
Zero car problems (including speeding/parking tickets, flat tires, running out of gas, etc)
A million memories (awwwww)
One happy camper (me!)

I also stood at the lowest point of elevation in North America, crossed over the Continental Divide, stood at the one hundredth Meridian West, hung out at the highest point of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and probably passed over a few other imaginary lines along the way. 

Big thanks to Eli, PJ and Heath, Jen and Bre, Chase, Nate, Samantha and Andy and Laura for your couches, beds and aero-mattresses.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! 


Michael said...

Also, 20 buffalo wings. Should have been 40.

Frangipan said...

Amazing! I am happy that you had such an amazing journey!