Saturday, May 12, 2007

Artrageous! 21

Proof that I changed out of my paint stained jeans and flannel for the 21st annual Montserrat Auction. I am with Ethan Berry, the director of the Senior Fine Arts Seminar at Montserrat.

The auction was a success. The monetary goal was exceeded and almost all of the work was sold (hundreds of pieces were hanging on the walls). This was also the first year that students were juried into the live auction, myself included. The two other students were my good friends Claudia Saimbert and Justin Pazul. We were biting our nails when our pieces were being bid on but they all sold at relatively good prices (mine went for twice as much as was being asked for it!) The jurors were Kristen Dodge of the Judi Rotenburg Gallery and Joshua Buckno of the Neilsen Gallery, both of which are on Newbury street in Boston. Kristen Dodge was also one of the jurors for the Copley Society's 18th Annual Student Exhibition in which I won second place juror's prize. It was a great night, always fun to dress up and look at artwork. Also, the free Mexican food was a nice touch.

Above is a picture of the piece I donated, its more than a year old so it is a little bit different than the work I have posted down below, but it is titled "Nono" (even though at the auction they said it was Untitled.) It is oil and pastel on panel and measures 34"x37.5". So it was a great night lots of Margaritas and a great dance party afterwards while we were all dressed up, I am looking foward to next year's auction!

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Joanne Mattera said...


The blog looks great!
Congratulations on all your successes: Artrageous, your curatorial effort at Bear Gallery and being juried into both student shows AND actual, real-life, shonuff professional gallery shows.

And I really like how you share your news with that of your student colleagues. That's practicing good Art Karma.

You've made a huge leap onto the long (often difficult, often rewarding, always interesting) road of your career.

Good luck,