Wednesday, May 9, 2007


The Third Semi-Annual Small Works Exhibition and Sale was a success!

Installation view

"For the first time since its creation the Small Works Show was an open call to Montserrat students to submit work to be juried by students Bea Modisett, Emily Pardoe and Katherine Romansky, with the only guidelines being that the piece could be no larger than six inches in any dimension. All work will be for sale, ten dollars for students, and fifteen dollars for non-students. Every artist is compensated ten dollars for each sale, and the extra five goes directly to benefiting the Bear Gallery, where the show will be on display. In the past the response and enthusiasm for the “Small Works Show” has made it an event that students and faculty have come to look forward to."

Thirty-nine artists and close to 200 small works helped make my first curatorial project a success. The point of having an open call was to encourage students who had not participated in the first two shows a chance to jump in and see what displaying and selling work was all about. Since myself and my two co-jurors are all graduating, we wanted to spread the enthusiasm to those who will stick around and hopefully carry on this new tradition.

We raised about $170.00 for the gallery as well as gaining it some publicity with our opening and the giant Brie cheese wheel we had. The Bear Gallery is a recently formed all student run gallery that has been hosting shows for the past three months. We are working on getting a permanent home to make this a part of Montserrat history.

I am glad it was a success, but I am glad it is over with, so I can relax a bit more before graduation...(T-Minus 16 days and counting...!!!)

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