Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finding Inspiration/Losing Guilt

Hi Friends! 
I really like to go places and travel and explore. Sometimes though, I feel guilty leaving my studio for a long weekend - like I'm a neglecting my children (paintings). Like if I was really serious I'd be in my studio all day everyday, with no friends, no travels and eating stale cheerios because that's all I have in my pantry and I can't make time to go shopping. Shopping?! I can't shop! I'm painting damnit! 


I have found, and a wise soul helped lead me to this path, that while I may not be in my studio putting paint on canvas, I'm still working. Because really, what is more inspirational and thought provoking than this:

Sorento Harbor, ME (pictures don't do it justice)

This past weekend I went to Maine with my man friend Dan and saw the most inspirational sights. We climbed, hiked, canoed and walked and everywhere we went I saw things and thought about how exciting it would be to paint them - or at least derivatives. I am positive that when I get into the studio today, this weekend will make itself known (much like a camping trip in the White Mountains did here...)

A few more:

 Our shadows at the top of Beehive Mountain in Acadia National Park, ME - one of the funnest (hardest) hikes I've ever done - with an amazing reward at the top.

At the top of Black Mountain which provides a 360* view of the grandeur of Maine at sunset.

I have many things in the works which I will be sharing with you soon, so stay tuned my friends, stay tuned. And hey, you're awesome - thanks for reading.

PS - It seems I'm not alone. Check out the post Joanne Mattera did on her blog about the "guilty vacation" and read her readers comments. 
PPS - Do you ever feel guilty for not being in the studio? What inspires you?

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