Friday, October 22, 2010

Road Trip!

Hi friends, 

I'm going on a journey! One that I've dreamt of for years and years now.  A cross country solo expedition! Like I said in my last post I really like to explore - so this time I'm going to jam across the country and back and see what's what in this land of ours. 

Here's the deal-y-o.  This trip is a month long, beginning November 21st and concluding December 22nd. I will be driving across the country with SanFran as my destination. This trip is neatly planned to pass through where I have friends or where there are parks that I'd like to see/camp in. When I'm not staying with friends or in my tent (Dan's tent) I'll be treating myself to a shower and laundry at a local hotel.  Here are the stops in order, what I'll be doing and why:

Denver, PA - eh, as a kid growing up between DC and RI I've explored all the tourist attractions in this area - but I can't drive more than eight hours a day so this is where I'll pitch my tent and stay a spell in Amish Country. Suggestions are welcome! 
Hardy, VA - similar to the above but I'll stop by the Booker T. Washington National Monument and the wildlife refuge.
Asheville, NC - Hi Eli! A good friend lives here who I hope to meet up with - I say hope because he is awesome and has been on the AT  - making him hard to get in touch with. Are you BACK YET?! Either way I'll be tenting here for two nights enjoying hikes and views as well as the very cool downtown.
Nashville, TN - Asheville to Nashville, yes I know. I'll be driving through here for lunch on Thanksgiving Day - I might make a stop at the Grand Ole Opry.
Memphis, TN - Sun Studio and Graceland! I'm here for two nights and the second night happens to be the last Friday of the month which means it's gallery night. An old time trolley brings people around to the galleries! 
Wichita, KS - PJ LIVES HERE! A friend of mine since highschool is going to show me the sights - if KS has any. 
Dodge City, KS - This is a pass through just so I can say "I got outta Dodge"
Denver, CO - Jen and Bre are kind enough to let me stay with them a few days - maybe they'll even want to hang out.
Boulder, CO - Remember Chase? After Hambidge he went on to University of Colorado at Boulder to get his MFA in ceramics - I'm going to go see what this is all about. 
Moab, UT - Two days camping and hiking at Arches National Park.
Page, AZ - A half a day stop at Lower Antelope Canyon - my brother just visited this area and said it's beautiful and somewhat overlooked by tourists.
Grand Canyon, AZ - Nothing cool here - just a place to rest my head. LIE. Grand Canyon for two nights!
Death Valley, CA - Two nights camping in Death Valley - it's got a great history.
Tulare, CA - Staying in a hotel next to Sequoia National Forest - I think I might appreciate a bed after six days of camping.
Big Sur, CA - Camping in the Julia Pfeiffer State Park right on the coast. Apparently in winter months you can watch whales migrate off the shore!
San Francisco, CA - I'm going to drive up beautiful Route 1 and stay in SanFran with my friend Nate for a few days. A walk over the Golden Gate is the most solid plan I've made. After SanFran comes the reason I am taking this journey:

The California Zephyr! 

The god of all North American train trips - I saw this and said "I need to figure out a way to get on that high speed locomotive." Remember the hint I gave? Go ahead - check it out. 

So the return trip is not really set in stone (I guess the trip out isn't really either but it's pretty close) but I know that on December 13th I will be getting on the Zephyr and arriving in Chicago fifty-six hours later where I get to see my long lost friend Samantha. From there I think I'm going to Ohio and then definitely on to Niagara Falls for some winter festivities and hopefully meeting up with some family to take the train back down south to Rhode Island for the holidays. The whole way back will be bus and train - I'm sure it's going to be really nice not having to drive after three straight weeks of it. So there you have it friends! I can't wait! For those of you visual people out there who just skipped this mega long post:

(the long O - P stretch is when I'm on the zephyr)

I will be updating along my journey and will have a map tracking my progress as well in the side bar. Two other big pieces of unrelated news on the way.

I'm off to NYC tomorrow for the Graduate Portfolio Day at Parson's. We'll see!

Thanks for reading friends - you da' bomb! 


Baby Penguin said...
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Michael said...

What do you mean you are coming to NYC for Parson's Graduate Portfolio Day... Isn't it also a certain special someone's certain special day? Yes? Is it?.......

Dad is old.

Erin M. McNeill said...

very excited for you, it sounds like this will be fantastic!

E. Y. Baynes said...

hey sweetums-babe. i will be home! my plan is to finish the trail on Nov. 6th and be home soon afterward. i don't have an official house in Asheville, but i am certain that i can hook you up with accommodations and'd love to spend some tyme wicha where ever you end up.

gimme a call when the date is closer.


PS: the hike is still awesome, though getting colder (but colder down in NC and GA is different from Nov. colder in Boston land) and congrats on the kingston deal!

"1776 and More" said...

Sounds like a great trip...filled with friends and history...can I come too?