Thursday, April 22, 2010

But I Will Save That Post for Tomorrow...

Hi Friends,
Happy Earth Day!! In salute to such a glorious holiday, I went on yet another hike! I actually didn't remember it was Earth Day until after the hike...but, "whatever." I still did it. I thought I would write endlessly about how beautiful this place is, but I'll just let you see it in the photos. The trails here are wonderful, long and meandering. The weather is consistently beautiful and all of the gorgeous greens are out! Chase and I had a great talk along the way, until it got too uphill to really say much. Enjoy!

The lilacs are taking over, and they look and smell beautiful! Also, I was going to post tonight about what has been going on in the studio, but I will save that post for tomorrow. Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned! 

And hey, thanks for listening.

NOTE:  I was informed after this post that those flowers are actually wisteria.  A very close friend of lilacs


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What gorgeous pictures -- that must have been an awesome hike! Love from DC,

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