Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Last Leg - DC to Charlotte and then on to Georgia!

Hi Friends, 

I had a bit of a wrench thrown in to my blogging schedule and I'm a bit behind on updating you regarding my travels down to Georgia. So I will make this post quick in an attempt to update you, but also to get back on schedule!! On Monday April 5th, I arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city I have never been to before! The six hour drive from DC was very nice, and I enjoyed stopping at each state's welcome center to get my free map (damnit!)  I also continued my French lessons and enjoyed a standard 70 MPH most of the way.  

The nice thing about Charlotte was that I had not one, but two friends awaiting my arrival!  I spent that night with my friend Laura who I met at the Vermont Studio Center. Laura and I really connected while at Vermont over a number of things and seeing her again was really wonderful. She has a beautiful home that is an old mill house and she has put in a lot of work to bring back the original hardwood floors and high ceilings. She also has a wonderful "junk yard eye" and has furnished her house with beautiful and charming furniture. She lives in the arts district of Charlotte and we decided to walk to a local pub for dinner (best portobello burger ever.) My other friend, Emily, is down in Charlotte on business. She works for an organ building company called C.B.Fisk and does quite a bit of traveling to help install organs in different locations. This time around the organ brought her to Charlotte where she was kind enough to give me a tour of this magnificent instrument (I even got to walk all around the inside!!!) Though I am sure she loves wherever she goes, I was very happy to hear that her next trip will be to Korea to be a voicer's assistant! 

After a wonderful 12 hour stay in this up and coming city, I was on to Georgia. I am happy to say this is the leg of the trip on which I successfully completed my road-trip homework. The images below complete the series of images documenting each state's welcome sign. Please note that after DC I no longer had a passenger to take these photos, so if the quality is not that great you can assume it's because I took it blindly from the driver's seat while barreling down the highway (don't worry mom, eyes on the road at all times.) 

That last one is my favorite for obvious reasons! About two hours after taking that photo I arrived at the Hambidge Center, which I will tell you ALL about in my next post. 

So my friends, the road trip has ended (for now) and I am writing to you from the wonderful world known as the Hambidge Center. My next post will be all about my arrival, but for now I will leave you with two more images...I came over a hill and something told me I was really, really close to Georgia. 

It was a water tower in the shape of a peach.  And there you have it...

Up next: My first two days at Hambidge! 

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Thanks for listening. 

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Michael said...

Thanks for keeping up with the posts! I'll be stalking you on here every day for the next few weeks...