Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My DC Weekend!

I love DC. Every time I visit I get a bit nostalgic and begin making plans to move back to my city of birth.  DC has so many amazing things to do all within a short walk or circulator ride.  My brother and I arrived in DC on Friday night making this the first time all three of us had been in the city together since my brother graduated from High School 13 years ago!!! Friday night we all crashed pretty early, which was a good thing since we wanted to get up early the next day.  We woke up and were out the door by 10:00 (after some home made cinnamon bread) and we were on the Mall for the Cherry Blossom Festival by 10:30. I hate feeling like a tourist, but this was pretty unavoidable as I took pictures of everything (including one that made it look like the Washington Monument was coming out of my brothers head...hah!)

Katharine and I being cliche

Katharine, Michael and I in front of a very dirty reflecting pool.

Performance on the Mall. 

Around two o'clock, we decided to head back to our old neighborhood and check out our house. The person who owned the house before us was an artist and he had painted the house a bright teal color with purple trim.  When we moved in and bought the house we nixed the purple but kept the teal. Our teal house has been a landmark for people on Capitol Hill for almost thirty years! Well, the time has come for us to re-paint the house and we have a difficult time letting go of the original color, but felt it no longer was working with the neighboring historic homes. It is a row-house, so it's color does affect the whole block. So we chose a somewhat toned down version of the teal and it looks wonderful! It was a little strange because when we got there the tenants were having a gathering in the back-yard but they had no idea who these people looking at the house were! 

This was taken from across the park in front of the house.  See the teal poking through? That's where I grew up! I was a really lucky as a kid, we only had two walk about five blocks to be at the capitol building, and the Smithsonian was about three metro stops away! This makes for a never boring weekend as a kid.  The rest of the weekend was full of amazing food and lots of very immature jokes.  I also was very happy to visit a dear friend of mine and participate in the wonderful Seder she hosted! I departed from my beloved DC at 9:30 Monday morning and began the drive to Charlotte, NC where two friends are currently living (one temporary, one permanent.)  I am actually writing to you from Charlotte, but that post will have to wait until this afternoon.  

Today is the day I arrive at Hambidge and I need to start getting ready! Finally! I will be in my cabin/studio in about four hours from now.  

Up Next : A Post on Charlotte and my first day at Hambidge! 

Thanks for listening! 


deedle said...

What is a circulator ride? and what about Eastern Market? Too bad about the neighbors pressuring you to tone down the teal...the more it stands out the better.

"1776 and More" said...

Great posting...what a handsome trio...

Sophia said...

I'M FOLLOWING YOU! In exchange, I would like pictures from the seder. How about it?

it was sooooooooooo good to see you!

deedle said...

more postings?

Bea Modisett said...

Deedle - Circulator is the public bus that circles the "golden triangle" of DC. Bing it.

1776 - Thanks!

Sophia - You are the best! So good to see you too, and thanks for such a wonderful Seder! I will send you pictures soon my dear!

Thanks for reading friends!