Sunday, April 18, 2010

Studio Update

Hi Friends,
I wanted to stop in for an update of what's been happening in the studio.  Since being here, as I mentioned before, I haven't been working with any pastels, which is exciting! I have been doing a lot of small graphite/acrylic/ink drawings. This week most of my energy has been going towards a large acrylic painting on canvas that measures 45" x 50".  I am really excited about it, it's not quite done yet but here's an image of it in the studio, and then a cropped close up. I will be stretching the canvas back in Beverly.  

Again, I'm really excited about it.  So is my new studio mate :

Also, today I went and bought some supplies for a sculpture I've been thinking of tackling while here. That project is still in very early stages so it might be a while before I put any images on the blog.  Hope you all are doing well, and thanks for reading! 


DoAn said...

Exciting Bea!

Michael said...

the painting looks awesome. the spider, not so much.

deedle said...

wow bea! that painting is really good