Friday, April 23, 2010

As promised...and then some.

Hi Friends!

I am going to make this quick as dinner starts in twenty minutes! Below  is a photo of my studio from today, again see the difference from when I first arrived? Let's hope I can bring back up to par before my departure.  

And a close up of the painting on the left, which is almost done.  A few adjustments were made since this photo was taken, and I have a few more to make.  I really want to think and look for a while before making them though, and as always, I love feedback / criticism. You can get a sense of scale from the photo above but the painting is about 40" x 44".

Oh oh! And I have five new neighbors!! They showed up about a week ago, but I didn't want to freak them out by taking their picture until today. 

Mama Bird has certainly has been busy.  I keep bringing spiders outside from my studio and have a feeling they wind up in the mouths of these little guys. And if you have forgotten what I look like, here's a nice little photo of me on the deck before dinner. I think I'm looking at the wasps flying around, but also smiling because this places makes me happy. 

You're the best, thanks for listening! 


deedle said...

I like your shirt and the paintings too of course!

Katharine said...

much love from DC -- Doppler said those birdies look deeeelicious!

Ethan Cranke said...

I would never want to leave such a lovely studio. Beautiful. :)

Bea Modisett said...

Katharine, you tell Doppler the bird are not for eating! They haven't even opened there eyes, I hope I am here for when they leave the nest!
Ethan, I know it will be hard when that day comes!

deedle said...

I wish I could see it in person...what did you name it?

Anonymous said...

"Again, I'm really excited about it."

Oh and auh...those baybee biuhds ahh wickid quute.

Bea Modisett said...

Deedle- I titled it "Tree Shrine" Can you guess why?