Thursday, April 1, 2010

So Long Ma! So Long Pa!

Leaving Portsmouth RI. That sign I'm pointing to says "Georgia or Bust" and it's with me for the long haul  (courtesy of my co-workers.)

I left Portsmouth RI this morning with New York City as my destination.  I had to alter my original route a bit in order to avoid some extreme flooding along 95 South. It ended up being pretty nice, my detour brought me through Westerly, RI which holds a special place in my heart. My family spends a good chunk of our summer in a beach cottage there, a tradition dating back to the 1940's! The drive was pretty uneventful, my Michael Jackson tape made its first (but no where near its last) appearance, and I continued my French Lessons. Mon pere l'homme d'affair!! La boisson et bon!! L'apartment est comfortable!! 

Anyways, I have a goal on this trip to take a photo of every "Welcome!" sign as I enter each state.  Connecticut was easy since there was a drive off right after the sign (apparently I'm not the only tourist who has been through Connecticut.)

(see the Subaru? Isn't she a beaut!?)

Easy! The one in New York, however, was not quite as simple. Well, it was pretty simple, just intimidating pulling off to the side of a four lane highway. 

I did got a honk of encouragement from a eighteen wheeler though! I'm also taking these photos with my cellphone and sending them to an online project my friend has begun. I made it to NYC fine and found my way to my brother Michael's apartment. I'm pretty proud of my driving in the city, I even yelled at a couple of jay-walkers. After parking, the first order of business was to go and get some lunch: Pho! It was really Pho-king good! (Sorry, had to.) After that we walked all around Chinatown and into Little Italy.  The trees are blooming and the streets are crowded with people, a really wonderful time to walk around the city. 

On the way home we passed the New Museum (it was too nice outside to go in.) An installation on the side of the building pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about this trip right now:

Up next: Bea heads to her native D.C. (Wish me luck, I'll be driving with my brother for four and a half hours.) ETA 5:00


deedle said...

Did you make it to DC? So, the flooding did cause you to detour...I like the state welcome pic project. I did a similar thing once on a drive out_____. Guess what goes in the blank?

Bea Modisett said...

West...a drive out west.

joannamatuck said...

seeing you drive a subaru makes me very happy! i love mine which is also red and a hatchback!! haha

Bea Modisett said...

Joanna - I love my Sub!!!!! She takes me everywhere I need to go and she is damn stylish. Glad you have one as well, and thanks for reading!

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