Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do a little turn on the catwalk...yea...the catwalk. A 360 degree day.

Hi Friends!
Today started off with a wonderful email from a friend who has made a big exciting decision, so I got off on a great foot! Then I started to paint...and I became so totally frustrated I couldn't believe it!!! Every time I think I'm on to something, I get totally pumped about it...then I step back and say "what the hell is that?!" Some great advice from a friend reminded me to just let things happen, and to stop thinking so much. We got into a discussion about "depth" and what it really means...I decided I will let someone else figure that out while I enjoy my time in the mountains of Georgia making things that may or may not change the world, but certainly make me happy, and hopefully a few of you along the way. So things really turned around for me around 12:30 today and I didn't stop painting until around 5:00.  I now write to you from my sunny (and as of yesterday, wasp free, porch) where I am sipping my Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier (I don't recommend it) and enjoying the sun and the mountains.  I am going to try and start blogging from home before dinner, because last night walking home was a wee bit scary at 10:30, especially after Chase read to me the fact that mountain lions can pounce fifteen feet.  Anyways, here are some new photos of my space, looking more and more like my studio at home each day.  

Oh, and another reason my day really turned around? Because at 12:30 I got a call in my studio that I had a package waiting for me.  I went to get said package and inside were...

...tulips, my favorite flower! So thank you to Dany for a wonderful WONDERFUL surprise. They now grace my studio and bring some color to the areas that I haven't yet splattered with paint. 

Hope you all had a fabulous day, and that you can hear the birds chirping wherever you are as I can from my porch here at the Hambidge Center! 


"1776 and More" said...

Lions and tiger and bears...oh my!
Love the drawings!

Stacey said...

we miss u ,love your blog,and paintings. Your "Georgia" studio looks so inviting. Love all the colors. Enjoy your stay and birds chirping in the sun! :)

deedle said...


Erin M. McNeill said...

ooooh i'm excited about what i'm seeing started on those walls!!

Bea Modisett said...

1776: Yes, it can be quite "invigorating" knowing what is in these woods!
Stacey: I miss you too, but also really enjoying my time here!
Deedle: it's Gesso!
Erin: I'm excited too!!!! Especially about the painting, will let you know how that goes!

Thanks for the comments my friends!

Michael said...

love the photos. and very intrigued by your latest work! keep us posted :)

jessyloo said...

hi you! That's fun your predecessor had a nice note for you. What were they thinking when they left that? I am SURprised there are no leaves down under. You drawing is very fun! Rasta-kinda. hehe Sometimes I say to myself "shoot! i just drew a smiley face!" do you? : ))))))))
LOL oh my i miss you. cant wait to hug you like a BEAR!

Katharine said...

Aww! Love the new drawings and the flowers -- you are so loved!

Orchid Grey said...

"Pounce" seems like too cute a word for what mountain lions are up to...Maul? Clobber? Obliterate? Those are better words.

your tulips are beautiful!