Sunday, March 20, 2011

Artists I Love

It's been a while since an update so I thought I'd let you all in on some of my biggest sources of inspirations. To me there is almost nothing better than coming across a new artist whose aesthetic, approach, ideas, or story jive with my own and inspire me to create something. I feel the same way about travel - something that never ceases to fill my head with ideas.  Here is just a sampling of images I keep in my "inspiration" folder. 

All of that absorbed into my head, milled around a bit and combined with ideas that come from I don't know where, and then put down in paint makes this:

Piles in the Hallway, 16" x 20". Oil on canvas. 2011

I'd love to know what inspires you! How do you find new artists to love?


Jessyloo said...

I guess I like 3d art, ha! Such a novice. So Mother Nature, obviously. Who does she not inspire. I think lately I'm inspired by my love of making people feel good - helpin out. When I want to be inspired to create (or shop) i peruse

ps that first painting...insane. its like my brain goes '?!'

farnan said...

You should check out Annie Lapin.

Dolly said...

That first painting is amazing! Travel inspires me the most, but so does music and film. Defo reading does too, and dreaming. I find new artists in Sunday supplements, reading books and visiting art galleries and exhibitions.

Simon Spare said...

I follow a trail - for example, being English, I always loved Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth - through her i found Ben Nicholson and the St Ives painters, and through investigating and reading about them, I learnt about Heron, Lanyon and then Feiler and Wynter. Also, discovering some great art on blogs - there's amazing talent out there.

As far as inspiration goes, landscape all the way.