Monday, February 28, 2011

That's Outrageous!

Actually, it's Artrageous! Artrageous!25 to be exact, Montserrat College of Art's annual art auction. And I'm pleased as punch to let you know that my drawing Rahda's Garden was juried into the live auction by jurors Destiny Barletta of  Pucker GalleryKristen Dodge of DODGE Gallery in New York City and Randi Hopkins of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston.
Radha's Garden 30" x 40" Charcoal, pastel and collage. 2009

I will definitely be in attendance on April 30th to watch as people (hopefully) bid on my work. I'm also happy to say that my friends Bradford and Chelsea will have work in the live auction as well. 

Thanks for reading my friends. 

ALSO - I'm updating my link list. If you don't see your name over there and you'd like to, leave a comment with your blog/website URL. 


Jenna Lou said...

Hey Bea!
Thanks so much for talking to ART/WORK the other day you did awesome and it was really helpful.
I know you follow my fine art blog but I've been updating my photography one more. I just wanted to throw you the link so maybe you can link it to your page

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dolly said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Lucky person to win the bid on it. And Good Luck with the auction!