Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deep Thoughts.

- I have been walking through a lot of mud/animal poop the last few weeks.
- I now know how to find eels in mud pits, catch them, kill them, skin them, gut them, cook them and eat 
- I am thinking a lot about universal truths and how awkward the intersection of man and nature is.
- I don't use the zoom on my camera much because I can't help but think I am taking something out of 
  context and it's been drilled into me to always put things IN to context.
- I am learning to put things in perspective as well.
- A group of twenty-two year olds called me old the other day.
- I got on a plane a month ago...and will get on another one a month from today. Oof.

Short and sweet.

Hug and a squeeze,


Jessica Yvonne Lewis said...

I'm watching you girl. You are amazing.

Christine O'Brien said...

Can't imagine what you'll step through in the next month...or what more you'll learn. Enjoy. We miss you.

Bea said...

So are you Miss. Yvonne! Chris - I have no idea, but I'm looking forward to it. I am learning so much,so fast. I miss you guys too!

d marie said...

so exciting to hear excerpts from your trip!! be well, looking forward to hearing more!! <3 danielle & jesse