Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspiration for Creation

This is Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam. It is extremely touristy there and did not have the hit in the face magic I was expecting. As I distance myself from the experience though, I realize that the three days I spent floating, hiking and kayaking through this area has made itself known in my heart and brain and isn't going to leave.  

These beautiful forms were stoic, otherworldly, quiet, solid, seemingly ever-present limestone formations that will be gone one day, destroyed by the same processes that created them. How can they feel so powerful and permanent but at the same time so intangible and elusive? The floating village, also fleeting, was colorful, moving, fluctuating, human, and alive. Seeing the two co-exist in such stark contrast made the other that much more magnificent.  

Why are the most important things in life the hardest to define and understand? 

Off to paint with this on my mind.

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