Monday, October 19, 2009

Hotel Drawings (On the Road Again)

Hi All,
As promised here are images of (some) of the small drawings I have been creating while on the road for my job. They are all ball-point pen drawings on the little notepads that are left in hotel rooms. These small drawings are a nice deviation from the larger, more involved drawings I do in my studio. It is nice to work quickly, experimenting with different compositions and drawing elements. I have put them in chronological order so you can get a sense of evolution Every day I speak with high schools students about their portfolios, always giving them suggestions about "increasing contrast" and "pushing the compositions." These drawings are a good chance for me to take my own advice.

I have framed one of these drawings, floating as is, in a simple wooden frame. I like the idea of preserving these small objects as they are, with the phone number and logo of each hotel. They become artifacts of the time I spent in New Jersey or Vermont or Wisconsin (yes Wisconsin.) I am using the pen and paper that was already in the hotel room, which means that in a sense the drawing was already in the hotel room, I just needed to find it. I'm getting ahead of myself. Enjoy! All are Untitled as part of the series "Hotel Drawings" that I began last year while on the road. They vary in size from 3" x 2" to 3" x 4". Enjoy!

I'd love to hear some feedback about how you see these drawings in relation to my charcoal/pastel drawings. Are they preliminary? Or just as important as the larger, more involved drawings? Also, I would really like to invest in a scanner so that I can scan these little drawings. Any suggestions for a scanner that would pick up the detail and texture of these drawings?


deedle said...

wow, these are good!
where's guy in the corner?

Bea Modisett said...

Hey Deedle,
I didn't include all of the drawings I have been doing on the road, just the ones that I felt worked out well. I ended up giving "Man in the Corner..." to a dear friend of mine as a thank you gift. Thanks for reading my blog!

Bea Modisett said...

That's not to say that "Man in the Corner..." didn't work out well, just not my fave!

Anonymous said...


nice lines, very intense it seems to my eyes... compared to the charcoal and pastel? No comparison is even allowed... it would be as if comparing a pile of yellow crystals to a nice fluffy yellow egg breakfast.

The scanner? Can't help there, I love to snap pictures with my digital camera. Later on in life as money allows I may use a HD video camera to capture shots.

Thanks for seeing my blog, and I have an affectionate middle finger on display that is going to my pal in Canada. Let me know what you feel with the lines....