Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two Things

Hi All,
This post brings two bits of news (aren't I clever with that title...)

First, I have been invited to participate in Creative Massachusetts: The Artist's Congress 2009 as a panel member discussing "How to Create Community, Network and Networking Tools." I was invited by the Founder of The Artists Foundation, Kathleen Bitetti and artist/Art New England contributor, Mary Bucci McCoy, who has also been involved in, and a supporter of, This Collective Pull since the beginning. Both Kathleen and Mary are very active in the Boston Art Scene and are devoted to the creation of community and collaboration, I am honored they have asked me to participate in this event!

This event will be held November 7-8 and is FREE and open to all artists living/working in Massachusetts (including students). Panel discussions will cover issues such as marketing, networking, residencies and more. Visit the website above to find more details pertaining to who else will be participating in the panel discussions. I hope you all can make it out to this wonderful event!

My second bit of news is less exciting but I promised an update. After a week away in New Jersey I was very excited to come home to a mailbox bursting with the promise of postcards, letters, coupons from mom and, dare I say, an acceptance letter to a show? A residency? Please? So, when I came across the letter from the New Hamshire Institute of Art I knew the results were in for this year's Bienniale. I got all of my other mailed squared away, put on my PJ's and got into bed to open the letter and wouldn't you know it.....

"Dear Ms. Modisett,
Thank you for submitting work to the 2009 New Hampshire Institute of Art Bienniale. Unfortunantly, due to the reciept of over 400 submissions with only 40 spaces available, we are unable to accept your work into this year's exhibition..."
(Or something like that, you get the matter how you slice it, it's a big "whomp, whomp")

So, feeling a bit let down, I jumped out of bed and went to sit in the studio and look at the work I submitted. Could I have entered anything that might have gotten accepted? What if I had submitted that painting instead of these two drawing? After looking at my drawings, I realized I wouldn't have changed them, at least not drastically. I was/am happy with what I submitted, and although I would have preferred to have been accepted and been able to exhibit these drawings, I was content knowing I submitted them. Besides, I am still anxiously awaiting two more very important letters in the mail (you know the one's I'm talking about). I will let you know if I am still on the sunny side after recieving those!
I would like to know what you do when you are accepted to a show? What about when you get the dreaded letter of non-acceptance? I personally have a file for the acceptance letters and the less attractive kin to the acceptance file is larger than the other, but I will let you decide which one. Do you keep your letters? Do you take it in stride? Break down? Throw a party? Let me know!

In the meantime, I'll look forward to sitting on the panel and will just keep on drawing! (When I'm not on the road in New Jersey or Wisconsin of course and I promise, I am drawing while I am "on the road" for work. I have a whole series of ink drawings done on the free little pads the hotels leave for you in your room. I will post them soon.)
All the best my friends!


Michael said...

Life would be pretty boring if you only got acceptance letters wouldn't it? And probably a sign you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. Always submit your best work possible and consider rejection letters a sign you are challenging yourself!

Bea Modisett said...

Hey Michael,
Good point. I feel I am challenging myself, and pushing into new territory, if showing my work was so important I could just keep doing the same old same old.
Thanks for the comment!