Friday, December 3, 2010

Days Nine and Ten: Denver!

Oh hello there, 

I'll make this one quick because I know what's coming next. Warning: Shit's about to get wicked pretty. Yep, wicked pretty. 

I made it to Denver and was greeted by my estranged but good friend Jen and her girlfriend Bre. They have an awesome apartment in Denver really close to downtown. I was pretty beat / hungry from the nine hour drive so we promptly made plans for dinner and met up with two of their friends. We went to City O'City where I ate amazing pizza number two on this trip.  One of the things I love so much about this trip is meeting up with friends I haven't seen in a while (Hello PJ! Hello Eli! Hello Chase! Here I come Nate, Samantha, Jess, Laura and Andy! Here I come.) and eating awesome food. It's especially nice after a long drive. We went to bed pretty early that night knowing we had a full day of touristy things to do. Jen was great and took me around quintessential Denver spots to take corny, awesome, tourist photos. 


The city has really interesting and diverse architecture and I enjoyed just walking around and seeing the buildings, shops and public art. Really, if you are ever in Denver walking around the city and trying a few restaurants will keep you busy for a day. We tried to go to one gallery but the exhibit had just come down.  It's was nice out anyway*, no reason to go inside.  Then I made Jen take these photos with me:

And we sealed our friendship forever. 

Jen had to work that evening so I picked up Bre from school where she is studying nutrition and at the suggestion of Dan who used to live in this area, we went to Wynkoop Brewery and had a blast! The bartender was very kind and "nickeled" our beers - meaning five cents each - if you're reading dear man, thank you. You know the way to a girls heart. The way home was somewhat....surreal. Here's what happened:

That's the courthouse and jail all dressed up for the makes me want to get arrested just to see what's inside! Just kidding Mom. Thanks for reading friends, and thanks for that awesome photo Bre.

* I've been incredibly fortunate with the weather - couldn't ask for it to be better considering the time of year. 


Katharine said...

once again an amazing post and if you haven't given mom a heart attack with half the things you've blogged about you're doing pretty well!!! lots o' love to you.

jnzaro said...

Next time, let's get arrested so we can go inside the Santa's Village Courthouse

deedle said...

bluebird used to be a porn theatre. I saw the mermen play there once and got beers underage...colfax used to be way sketch

Bea Modisett said...

Thank you Dan. And Jen - that's what I'm sayyyiinnnn!