Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Route One Won

Well my friends I have officially made it from ocean to ocean. I started at the Atlantic and have now laid eyes upon the Pacific. This was quite the one eighty from Death Valley. I drove up scenic Route One up to the Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park where I would be camping that evening.  The drive was incredible. I spent a total of about an hour on it and have started imagining plans to drive the whole thing end to end one day.

When I'm camping out I always make sure I am at my site before sundown so I can pitch my tent and get to know my surroundings.  I arrived at Julia Pfieffer Burns right before sunset and was so happy to watch the sun go down over the Pacific for the first time in my life. I was also incredibley stoked about my site. In the photo below you'll see a small waterfall - my site was pretty much right above that in a clearing.  I got a little sad thinking that I might not ever come back to this spot to camp and then I realized I control that situation and that I will come back.  It's too perfect of a site not to come back to.  I made my camp reservation six months ago and I'm glad I did - there are only two sites in the park and as incredible as they are I'm sure they are always filled. 

This is a short post. I didn't do much hiking at this stop, just a lot of fire sitting and a bit of walking around.  The next morning I did wake up and sit on a rock outcropping to stare at the ocean for a while hoping to catch a glimpse of migrating whales, but no such luck.  This was my last night camping on the trip. From here on out I'll be spending my nights on a train, at friend's houses and in Canadian hotel rooms.

Flowers everywhere, 

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