Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Grand!

Hi Friends, 
After Arches I spent the night in Canyonlands National Park which is about forty minutes from Arches.  It was the coldest night yet, and the first time I felt a little uneasy about tenting. I was sharing the camp sight with one other person which is fine, he was stargazing, but I got there after dark so I was unable to orient myself which I like to do. I feel like I get smarter every time I camp - like putting my clothes for the next day under me for extra cushion from the rocky desert and so they are warm in the morning. Aren't I smart? (My mom is yelling right now that I learned that under her rule as my Girl Scout Leader many years ago.) Also - I always keep my car key remote next to me in the night so that if I hear the breathing of an animal next to my tent I can push the button that will make my car beep and flash. I've used this technique once - it really worked scaring the wind away that sounded like a pack of coyotes outside my tent at four in the morning when I was half asleep. Anyway - it was cold and I didn't spend long there the following morning before speeding off to the Grand Canyon.


I arrived right at sunset and watched from Lipan Point as the canyon turned the most beautiful colors.  The next morning I went down the canyon about a mile and a half on the South Kaibab trail. There is no better way to start the day than with a hike with beautiful scenery. As beautiful as it was though I found myself missing the "positive shapes" of Arches and Rocky Mountain National Park. I think this is really interesting since I am a very "additive" painter. 

The most enjoyable part of the day for me came with a long but relaxing walk along the rim. One of the shuttles wasn't running so there was a whole section of the canyon that was only accessible if you had a car or wanted to walk so there were a lot less people along this path. I walked for about six miles along the Rim Trail and I really enjoyed this solitude and discovering new spots along the canyon. I've been doing a ton of walking/hiking. That combined with the fact that I missed Thanksgiving this year means I can over indulge on eggnog, pie and cookies when I'm home for the holidays...right? RIGHT! 


Michael said...

Great posts! Can't wait to compare notes on Grand Canyon. Glad you hiked South Kaibab - amazing view from Ooh Aah Point right? Arches sounds great - maybe you and I will both have to go back - I'll show you Antelope Canyon and you can show me Arches :)

Katharine said...

Looks amazing and as always we are green with envy up here in NYC! How incredible, we miss you, and can't wait to witness that overindulgence in eggnog and cookies! Love, k&K

zoe stansbury said...

You trip looks like a wonderful adventure. Hope you're doing well!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I haven't been camping in years but your trip is making me yearn for an adventure. Glad you are having a good time!

Frangipan said...

Hi Bea, thank you so much for following my blog. These photos are stunning, looks like you are having a great time and have plenty of inspiration for new work!