Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Day Off is a Beautiful Thing!

After being on the road for many days, and looking at my calendar and seeing I have many, many more to go, I decided to take a day off! It was wonderful. I woke up early knowing that all I had to do was be in the studio, and I was finally able to finish a drawing I have been working on. While I am on the road I am still making small drawings, but I truly miss being in my studio and working large so it was a great feeling to be in there all day on Friday.

This piece is 28" x 30", smaller than I'd like it to be. I feel the space is starting to expand but the format of the page somewhat limits the expansiveness of the piece. I have started a new drawing that is much larger, about 36" x 44" which I have been documenting at different stages of development, hopefully when it is complete I will be able to put a slide show for you to watch it evolve. Here it is in it's current state as it hangs on the wall:

Also, I had a chance to re-photograph the small works I have been doing while on the road, some of which will be included in Mini Mimi a show at Mimi Gallery in Ipswich this coming December.

All of these are graphite, colored pencil and ink on Bristol Board, and measure around 4" x 6". I am still not quite as happy with the image quality as I'd like, so I am still on the search for a good scanner. Any suggestions? Stay tuned for an update on the Artist Congress I participated in and Mini Mimi. Also, I hear back from Hambidge this week. Fingers crossed!

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