Sunday, November 29, 2009

How Did I Forget to Mention...


That's right, after 23 years of waking up and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on the teevee with my family (which really is just a lead up to the dog show, right?) I have now officially seen it in person!

Thanksgiving morning, my wonderful father and I walked from my brothers apartment at Union Square Park to 33rd street to watch the parade. It was amazing!! It was so surreal to be surrounded by a sea of people, and then have a 40 foot tall Pillsbury Dough Boy come lurking out from behind a building. It reminded me of that scene in Ghostbusters and of course the first Batman movie where the giant joker balloon comes floating down the streets of Gotham City. Just a lot less terrifying.

Below are a few photographs of the crowds and the balloons. This was one of the many activities I did this week in New York that made me really love this city. Enjoy!

We passed Gandhi on our way to the parade and stopped for a quick hello. I will be going back to NYC a lot now that I have a great place to rest my feet. Any suggestions for future visits? I love new restaurants and museums or galleries are that off the beaten track!!

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