Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and New York CIty

Hi All,

Sorry for the lapse in posts, I have been spending a wonderful week in New York City. My job had me traveling around in New Jersey for the week before the holiday so it was very easy for me to make the trek to the Village, where my brother has a beautiful, if not small, studio apartment to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I won't bore you with the details of what happens when a family of five is occupying a one room apartment for five days, but I have done a lot of great things since being here. This has by far been my favorite trip to the city. I think it is because I had enough time to sit and relax between adventures, usually I feel very rushed to get everything crammed in to a day or two, which ends up leaving me grumpy or overwhelmed. Below are a few drawings I have done since being here.

These drawings range from 3" x 4" to 5" x 6" all are pen or graphite on Bristol Board. I haven't done as many drawings this week as I normally would but have been busy with many other wonderful things. Below are a few highlights including a Kandinsky Retrospective at the Guggenhiem Musuem, and a photo take of me on the High Line in Chelsea. I also had my first celebrity spotting ever! Will Ferrell pushing a baby carriage! Enjoy!

This last photo is text that I found on a wall in Chelsea, I'm trying to figure out what the order was that the words were altered....what do you think? Better History? Bitter History? Bitter Future? Better Future?

Just a Note: Within 24 hours of this post Ethan Berry informed me that "Better History" was an exhibition installed in a garage on 10th street, where this photo was taken. Thanks Ethan! More information here.

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