Monday, November 9, 2009

More Hotel Drawings

Well, because of a "miss-communication" between a teacher and me, I was out of work by 9:15 today...that means a lot of driving around Rochester until checking in to my hotel early at 11:00. Although frustrating, it was nice to get out so early because I had a lot of time to draw. Check out these new drawings. These are the most successful out of the many I did today, above is a photo to show a sense of scale. Enjoy!

All drawings are ink on Bristol Board, some with colored pencil. Feedback is welcome!


justin paszul said...

Bea these are awesome! The first one is my favorite, the wiggly cloud-looking shapes are so good; and I also really love the dense vertical lines on them all

Michael said...

I love these. And the small scale makes them really accessible. Keep up the great work!

Bea said...

Thanks you two!!

Ryder said...

Nice stuff. You should have a hotel for a studio. They would clean it for you everyday.

Loren Doucette said...

Hi Bea,
I am a part time student at Montserrat and I was refered to your blog in my recent evaluation. I love your blogs and your drawings in ink so much. What's the best way to start blogging?
Loren Doucette

Bea said...

Glad you like the blog! It's a project I started senior year at Montserrat and at times is hard to keep up with, but I try my best! I started blogging as a way to have an online presence, I didn't have a website but wanted to be able to refer people to a site they could view my work and know what I was up to.
I'd say the best way to start blogging would be to just do it! I started mine as a sort of visual diary/gallery of my work. I post every time I finish a piece or hear good news that I want to share with people (I like to think I have a larger audience then I actually might.)
Once you start blogging you will find things to blog about left and right. Another important thing about blogging is to check out other blogs! There are so many out there, and bloggers always love comments so they know people are interested!
I have a feeling that a Mr. Berry was responsible for the blog referral?? Feel free to email me if you want to chat a bit more, and be sure to send me the link when you start your blog!!

All the best!