Monday, November 22, 2010

Adventure Time: Day One and Two

Hi Friends, 

I'm writing to you from the parking lot of a ShopRite in Hardy, VA...I'm stealing internet from a SUBWAY...two days on the road and I'm already a felon.  I am so happy to finally be on the road and have a lot of things to say but I'm going to keep this short...I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to eat and a fire to build. 

Yesterday got off to a rocky start because my phone ended up dying on me the night before my departure.  I spent about two hours in Connecticut getting a replacement, which actually worked out really well, it just took a long time.  It was no big deal except I got to my campsite at six o' clock instead of three so the sun had already set.  It was odd sleeping in a place having no idea what it looked like.  I set up my tent by the light of my headlights and went in to town to have dinner. I had a slice of pizza and it was seriously amazing. I went back to my tent and wrote in my travel journal for a bit and was asleep by 9:30 so I could wake up early.  This morning things looked completely different. This campsite has only five tent sites and the rest are for RV's...I was the only one tenting, apparently it's too cold to camp out but I found it perfect. Nice, crisp cool air.  I was a bit cold in the middle of the night so I remedied that by driving six hours south today.  It is currently 58 degrees in Hardy.  I'm staying in Smith Mountain Lake State Park which is really beautiful.  I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway in and that was an amazing drive. At one point I was at a twenty one hundred foot elevation! My tent is all set up and I just came in to town to buy fire wood and some PB+J supplies.  Tomorrow I'm waking up early to go on a hike around the lake and taking advantage of the park's hot showers! Next stop is Asheville, NC. Enjoy the photos! My stolen internet is too slow to upload photos - I'll get those to you when I find an internet cafe. Update! At Panera, here are the photos.
My first night's camp site at Dutch Cousins Campground in Denver, PA.  This was taken the following morning when it was light out.

Camp site at Smith Mountain Lake State Park.  Look at those leaves! It's actually really nice having them - it makes sleeping on the ground a bit more comfy. 

Thanks for reading! Going to go build that fire and sing camp songs. 


Michael said...

OMG, Panera has THE BEST wifi!

deedle said...

both of those sites look amazing and relaxing...wish I were there right now

Bea Modisett said...

MIchael - I KNOW!!! I KNOWWW!!!!
Dany - it was really nice, the leaves made a nice cushion but they were LOUD. We'll go camping soon.