Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day Five: Asheville to Memphis

Oh hello again! This is my third blog post tonight - please don't unsubscribe, I'm just trying to make up for lost time...okay? Okay thanks. Today I drove from Asheville, NC to Memphis, TN. It was a long drive. It rained. It was hard to see. I took pictures in Nashville.

My drive through Nashville was actually a little sad.  I'm not sure if it was the construction sites everywhere (from the floods?), the complete lack of activity even in the tourist part of town (Thanksgiving?) or the impending doom the sky was threatening (I don't know what / who to blame for that) but there was nothing going on! I didn't even get out of the car. I can see the potential though. Was I just there on an off day? Has anyone been to Nashville and had a totally tubular time? 

I'm currently in my hotel room in Memphis, TN.  It's still raining so I'm glad I'm not in a tent tonight! I had Thanksgiving dinner alone at a local Cracker Barrel (actually it was just over the border in Mississippi) and really enjoyed myself. It was a bit lonely at first but a call from Emily, Dan and my parents made the world seem right again.  I get a bit lonely on the road by myself but also really enjoy having time with my thoughts. I really love the nights around the campfire but also am looking forward to time with friends in Kansas, Colorado, California and Ohio. I think it was just at the front of my thoughts today since I've spent every Thanksgiving with my family since I was a kid. Look at me rambling on, I promised myself I'd keep the third post short! 

Thanks for reading!

Thunder thunder, lightning lightning.



Katharine said...

Love the blog posts -- keep 'em coming, even 3 at a time!!!

Emily Pardoe said...

Some Garth Brooks song was on in Kittys as I read this which was funny because the song and you mentioned thunder a lot.

I think you were in Nashville on an off day. Though small, that city is pretty incredible for its pedestrians/patrons/karaoke singers walking around with such enthusiasm and large hats.


Bea Modisett said...

Thanks Kath!
Emily - so glad you are reading my blog. Did you see the new post with the OPTICAL ILLUSION!!!

deedle said...

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