Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I usually don't wait until New Year's to make a resolution if I feel the need to make one. And just like I don't wait until Valentine's Day to tell someone I love them I don't wait for Thanksgiving to be grateful or thankful for all that I have. BUT, I'm alone in a Memphis, TN hotel room, and it's raining out and I actually have an internet connection so I'm going to put a list together of some things I'm thankful for, and you're going to read it...right? Here goes.

I'm thankful for:
- My wonderful and amazing family and friends (hey, that's you!)
- All of the animals I've had in my life (and my parents for letting me have                
  them and on *ahem* occasion taking care of them)
- My teachers - in all their many forms (see above) 
- Timothy at the Horn Lake, Mississippi Cracker Barrel for bringing me dinner 
  tonight and not asking why I was eating alone on Thanksgiving.
- The car in the hotel parking lot with the New Hampshire license plate - making
  me feel a bit closer to home. 
- My studio - oh my studio.  
- The door and the deadbolt that is separating me from the man down the hall  
  yelling terrible, terrible things.

And finally, I'm thankful to Blogger for giving me the ability to do this:

(that really dresses the place up a bit doesn't it?)


Katharine said...

We're thankful for you too! Love, k&D

deedle said...

anything else you're thankful for?

Bea Modisett said...

Deedle - yes, there are a few more things.