Monday, November 29, 2010

I Found Something Pretty in Kansas...

Hi Friends,
Greetings from Kansas! Yesterday marked the one week down three to go milestone in my trip! I feel like I have already done so much but have so much more ahead of me.  I arrived in Wichita to my friend PJ's apartment on Saturday night. I was starving so we went out to PJ's favorite local brewpub called the Anchor. We had great food and wonderful beer - and laughed really, really hard about high school memories. The next day we lounged for a bit and called a dear friend on speaker phone (Hi Jessy!) and then went to get Thai food which was delicious. The areas of Wichita that I'd seen up to this point were very much "run of the mill" in that there were Wal-Marts and McDonalds.  So when PJ offered to take me on a drive to see a wind farm that he helped build I said YES. The wind farm is the project that brought PJ out to Kansas and I was excited to finally see what took him away from the ocean. I wanted to see the unique Wichita away from all the stores you can see everywhere - and I definitely saw it ( the smallest, middle of nowhere towns I have ever seen). We also planned the drive so that we would be arriving at the wind farm around sunset - making this a beautiful drive. 

Pretty right? It was a great feeling driving so long then seeing forty turbines come into focus. Today I will be resolving some phone drama (still working on getting mine replaced) and heading to Old Town where PJ and I will be having lunch. I'm also sorting out in more detail my four days in Colorado.  There is a lot I want to see and do.  

Until then my friends.

PS - are you proud of me for not making one Wizard of Oz reference? Not even one! 

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Katharine said...

once again beautiful pictures and tell PJ I say hi!